About us

Ivana and Talia

Founders of ToMe

We are mums and entrepreneurs based in the UK and we support you – authors seeking support to self-publish and promote your book.

PhDr. Ivana POKU is from Slovakia and lives in the UK with her husband and gorgeous twin boys. She is a media communication graduate with years of experience in marketing and advertising, award-nominated blogger, motherhood coach, and author of ‘Motherhood – The Unspoken’.

Talia ZAMORA was born and lives in the UK with her husband and their two wonderful boys. She is a Business Strategy Coach who supports entrepreneurs on their business journey. She also regularly collaborates and interviews authors with different backgrounds. We started our journey after working together on publishing and promoting ‘Motherhood – The Unspoken’. 

It was not until we started the process that we realised the extent of work and time that publishing and promoting a book requires. We were fortunate to have had access to sources that were necessary to get the book out there, however, we are aware that a lot of authors don’t have this option. 

This is why we decided to fill the gap and create ToMe Publishing to help you meet your goals. 
Whether you need help to get your book finished, translated, edited, designed, published on Amazon, or promoted…
We are here to help!

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